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Keleketla! Library: the kwaito movement

We bet you thought our first blog will be about food.

Kwaito is alive! Unfortunately, I couldn't attend this event but after I coincidently landed on Berlin Biennale's website I am pretty sure kwaito is very much alive!

No doubt South African music is rapidly changing and kwaito is old school!

Like any music of its kind, kwaito merged in the 1990s just after apartheid. It immediately became an important music genre and a very controversial one too - with songs like Kaffir by Arthur Mafokate.

Even Nelson Mandela once raised his concern about the music, especially on a music group called Boom Shaka and their dance style.

As the music grew in South Africa it also grew into the rest of Africa. It found its way in Europe early 2000 and it still have its heart at the Berlin Biennale. Keleketla! Library, an evening dedicated to this music genre, feathering the current legends in the industry. Kwaito lives on, like a true legend it disappeared underground.

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