A sweet and spicy Cape Malay casserole

made of spiced ground beef 

with sultanas, almond nut and topped with a layer of custard 

and served with yellow rice.


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We tour throughout the country, 

 fromsmall to big events

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we bring BunnyChow to you

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Durban is famous of its curries and mostly of its co-called "South African lunchbox" - the BunnyChow.

A hollowed-out loaf filled with spicy Indian curry. No rabbits were harmed in its preparation. 

BunnyChow Experience is dedicated in evolving, sharing and bringing this legendary loaf closer to you.  

Ostrich Burger 

Meat lovers can now enjoy a healthy and tasty burger; 

low in fat & cholesterol and high in proteins. 

A 100% ostrich burger topped with grilled pepper and onions and

seasoned with chef's special sauce. 


A Small Loaf Full 

                         Of  Flavours!


- Cape Malay Casserole - 

A traditional South African sweet and spicy dish, made of ground beef with sultana and almond nuts topped with creamy golden custard   




Tel: +31644 223 587  |  Email: info@bunnychow.nl


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Tel: +31644 223 587  |  Email: info@bunnychow.nl


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